Mercenaries of the Gods

New partners and new jobs

Leotiln and Kreeve Kubburb meet on their way to Miretown. Once they arrived in Miretown, both of them were told to seek out The Cavorting Ox since we were both looking for work. Once at the Cavorting Ox, Leotiln went straight to the bar and ordered a mug of ale and Kreeve went forth to the job posting board. Leotiln spoke with the bartender to learn more about the town, and Kreeve couldn’t find anything on the board, so he went around the bar (in his unique creeper way)asking if anyone had any jobs. He couldn’t find anyone who did, but then he went up to the tiefling that was sitting next to Leotiln and asked for a job in an insulting manner. After Kreeve asked, the tiefling pulled out his rapier, swung it at Kreeve, but his missed and hit Leotiln’s mug and made it explode. Kreeve jabed him in the unmentionables with his spear and Leotiln stabbed him in the chest with his rapier. Immediately, they dumped the body in an alley way and bought and shared a room to stay in, Leotiln got the bed and Kreeve slept in the cupboard. In the middle of the night, a messenger woke them saying to come with him and that the Wise Man had work for them. They met the Wise Man and he gave them the job to disrupt/end the operations of the Broken Arrow gang. The next morning they found the entrance to the Broken Arrow hideout and entered. They bluffed their way past the two guards at the door and then assassinated said guards. Then they killed every guard in the halls and found a secret room with yet more guards and treasure. They slew the hostage and planted the item that the gangs planned on trading, then Guard #7 the 3rd (the most important person who these two will ever meet) and bluffed their way out of trouble and then Guard #7 the 3rd took them to the second in command of the Broken Arrow. They talked to this man and attacked him. Kreeve jumped on his back and stabbed him to death and then he disemboweled Guard #7 the 3rd. After this Leotiln and Kreeve reported back to the Wise Man and he rewarded them and said he would have more work for us in the future. Leotiln and Kreeve both leveled up to level 2.



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