Howdy folk. This isn’t going to be a typical campaign. There will be no noble adventurers going forth to defend the poor townsfolk against the bugbear invaders in the name of rightousness. There will be no pro bono healings for the town beseiged by saughin. Terrible things will happen, atrocities will occur all around our protagonists.

They are unphased. They are antiheroes. Life dealt them all a fuck-all hand. They are in it for themselves, worshippers of the ego and the almighty gp. Wandering soldiers of fortune, they sell their services to the highest bidder, devoid of moral or malice, all to fuel their increasing capacity for violence and revenge as they rail against the world that spurned them; Or, to support their attempts to drown their pasts in booze and women of ill-repute.

Our cast contains:
Leotiln, a half-elf raised as a hated orphan in the dreary town of Sag Gow, deprived of any compassion for his brief and brutal childhood, who learned to survive by being craftier and more agile than his marks

Kreeve, a Forest Kobold who witnessed the slaughter of his entire tribe. Now, all he wants is revenge, and to forget.

Galev, a Dwarf exiled from his home and stripped of his clan and birth names. Thus, he harbors resentment against the culture and customs that cast him out, away from everything he ever knew.

Mercenaries of the Gods

Kippie Yalsap